Average Atomic Mass

We will have a quiz tomorrow over average atomic mass and atomic structure. It will be a short quiz and fairly simple. Attached is the answers for the average atomic mass worksheet. There will be an opportunity to ask questions before the quiz.

Balancing Equations and Stoichiometry

Don’t forget we will have a test over Nomenclature on Tuesday. On Thursday, we will have a quiz over balancing equations and stoichiometry. Below is the answer key for the stoichiometry and balancing equations assignments that I gave out on Friday.

Dimensional Analysis

Below is the key for the dimensional analysis homework. Tomorrow we will have a quiz over dimensional analysis. You will be able to ask questions over the homework before the quiz.

Don’t forget we have our Math in Chemistry test on Wednesday.

Sig Fig Worksheets

Attached are the answer keys for the sig fig worksheets I gave out in class today. Remember I will not be taking a grade on these worksheets. But, we will have a quiz next time in class that will cover sig figs, scientific notation, and reading instruments with sig figs.

More Nomenclature Worksheets

The post prior to this one has the answers to the nomenclature sheets that I took up for a grade. This post contains the answer sheets for the optional worksheets that I gave out in class.