Summer Assignment Information

Below is the information about summer assignments for all AP Chemistry classes.


In order to complete the Quest assignments, you will need to register or reactivate your Quest account. To do this, you will need to visit the UT Quest website. Please try to get this taken care of before the school year ends. It will be difficult for me to help you during the summer with Quest issues in a timely manner. I cannot access UT Quest IDs or passwords for you.

Once you get into Quest, you need to enroll in my Quest course. Please use the following information to enroll in my course:

Semester: Summer 2019

Course Name: APCHEM2019SUM

Or use the following link to access the course: 

REMEMBER: Quest assignments will not open until July 20th. Before completing the Quest assignments you should read through the document containing Quest information. This document is also on the disk if you have trouble accessing it here.

Book and Book Assignment

On the disk you received will be a letter, please read through the letter. There are book problems included in the summer assignment and they are outlined in the letter. You can access a online copy of the letter here.

A pdf copy of the book is on the disk. You will need the disk to access the book. There is not a copy available online.


Please note that all of the resources listed below are on the disk that was given to you in case you have trouble accessing them here.

  1. Summer instructions – copy of the original letter that was given out at end of year meeting
  2. Quest Online Info
  3. List of Ions
  4. Lab Equipment and Apparatus
  5. Solubility in Water
  6. Safety Rules for Chemistry
  7. Equipment Use
  8. Student Notes over Chemical Foundations, Atoms, Molecules, and Ions, and Stoichiometry

If you are having trouble answer questions and do not find the book or the above resources helpful, here are a few websites that I recommend are:

Khan Academy AP Chemistry website

Bozeman Science AP Chemistry website

Crash Course AP Chemistry Playlist

I can be contacted via email if you have questions. Please note that I typically only check email once a week during the summer so it might take me a little while to get back with you. Please be patient.